The Prodigal Scott Returns!

Well I have spent my days in the desert, pondered my existence, got some things straight in my head (there is still some crookedness however . . .i just chalk it up to those things that give me a bit of character)and now I am ready to give my art to the world and let it be judged by the optimistic, the pessimistic, the fence riders, the right, the left, the supportive ,the non-supportive, the naive, the jaded, the good ,the bad, and the ugly. I spent a year, not unlike a clown, juggling my life, occasionally dropping a ball or two in the process, one of which was the ball of music over the last three months. But now i have regrouped have picked up the ball and am ready to begin the journey again. My muse has been kind as of late and thus I am planning to lay down a new recording, hopefully to be mostly completed by the end of 2008. In the meantime I am going to play as much as possible whereever and when ever I can fit it in amidst my family and bill paying obligations. My goal this year is to make the marriage of my work and play and hopefully use the music as an avenue to create more awareness of autism, a way of being that is very close to my heart.

One thing I would like to make clear is that I appreciate immensely all you folks who have "checked me out" so to speak, have listened to my music, have made their supportive comments and have laid down their hard earned cash to support me and my artistic adventure. Every time I am able to experience one of the latter, I become filled with pride and humility and feel eternally blessed to be a part of this whole artistic adventure. I know it's just dopamine, but, what the hell, at least it's a more natural way of achieving those highs as opposed to the more insidious manufactured ways (of which I should state I have never been party to . . .just beer and wine and that's it . . .I know it sounds boring and not remotely "Rock and Roll" but it's the truth). So a big Thanks to you and yours. Please keep checking in and making your commentaries, sending your messages and listening in.

To all, I bid you in true canadian fashion to "Keep your head up and stick on the ice!!!