quote His voice sounds amazingly similar to Bono from U2 and the tempo is so varied among the songs that you just get a sense that he is spreading his wings and trying out everything. quote

Dave Leaderhouse - the Prince Albert Daily Herald

Dave Leaderhouse Editorial on "Scott Jackson"

Back in the days when I was a sports reporter for the Prince Albert Daily Herald I met a lot of people. Some stuck out for the right reasons and others, well, they didn’t. Scott Jackson was one of the former.
Jackson was small in stature – maybe 5-foot-6 at best – but he was big in heart. He was the captain of the Midget Raider team in the late 1980’s and he was also one of the premiere soccer players in the city. Despite the size disadvantage, Jackson played every game like it was his last and most of the time he led his teams to victory. It might not have been because of his overpowering strength, although I’m sure some opponents would argue that point. It was because he had heart and grit and played with so much passion that success was almost always guaranteed to follow him.
Well, it looks like it has, but in an altogether different arena. You see, since Jackson moved away from Prince Albert in the early 1990’s he has made a lot of noise in the music industry and just recently he has released his second solo CD called, “My World.”
I’ve listened to a few snippets of it and I have to say this: It is pretty amazing.
Jackson has a website (www.scottjacksonmusic.com) and in it is a biography of his music career. There is also a place where you can listen to small pieces of several songs off the CD and they are really good. His voice sounds amazingly similar to Bono from U2 and the tempo is so varied among the songs that you just get a sense that he is spreading his wings and trying out everything. Which is what you want so as not to get caught in a rut with one beat which I think happens far too much these days (i.e. Nickelback.).
Anyway, Jackson first picked up a guitar when he was 21 and immediately started writing his own music. He recorded his debut CD in 1995 and although “Via Satellite” never made any noise so to speak, it got him introduced to the West Coast music scene. Jackson then formed a band called MK Ultra and their first disc, “Apple” spent five weeks on top of the HMV independent charts. The breakthrough CD also landed the band two Music West headline shows and an opening gig for Nickelback.
The band couldn’t agree on the direction of their follow-up effort so Jackson broke free to write his own music once again. He wanted to remain fresh and not get into that aforementioned rut of similarity. Thus, “My World” was born and it is a good thing he went with his instincts. Backed by an all-star lineup of Canadian musicians, “My World” is a great piece of writing and easy-on-the-ears craftsmanship.
Jackson draws a lot of personal experiences, including the tragic drowning death of his brother-in-law during a family reunion in 2001. He also talks about the world events of today and you can sense the pride in his upbringing. I worked with Jackson’s father for five years and he always mentioned that Scott was making music out on the west coast. I sensed his pride then and now I understand why after listening to the small pieces of “My World” that were on Scott’s website.
I plan on picking up the CD as soon as possible and it would be great if others from his hometown showed their support and did the same. Wouldn’t it be a nice story to have Scott someday come home and play at the E.A. Rawlinson Center? “Small-town boy makes it big” is something like how the promotion would go. Maybe, someday.

By Dave Leaderhouse
The Prince Albert Daily Herald