Ridge Music Booms

Jul 06 2005

Realized or not, the music industry is booming in Maple Ridge, even if it isn't on the biggest labels out there.
Three artists with sounds as different as night and day are working on releasing their latest material, which ventures from soulful melodies, to catchy rock that inspires dancing, to all-out punk rock hailed as a much needed blatant smack in the face of the current state of humanity," by local radio.
On June 22, Maple Ridge's Scott Jackson held the CD release party for his latest soulful pop album, Distractions, in Vancouver. Distractions is a full-length follow-up to his premier album since leaving former hard rock band MK Ultra, My World.
Following the release, he embarked on a tour of western Canada.
A copy of his CD can be purchased from his website, www.scottjacksonmusic.com.
Local punk rockers Fred's Fear, featuring Dave Kern, Dave Marquardt and Ben Treen, are currently promoting the release of their latest musical venture, Solar Powered Robots.
The three-piece band has been featured on CFOX 99.3 and the now defunct 104.9 XFM and has built up a fan base. Performances are due to be scheduled in the coming months.
Their album is available at music stores around Maple Ridge and also at their website, www.fredsfear.com.
Another local up-and-coming group, Cherry Acts, is currently raking up the money to record their own release. The dance-rock band, inclusive of Cody Hiles, DJ Abel, Bronson Izzard and Tamara Umlah, recently hosted a backyard concert which attracted more than 400 fans, raising $2,500 of $6,000 for recording costs.
Cherry Acts is planning more fundraising gigs, and will issue an album in September. Visit www.cherryacts.com for more.