quote Scott Jackson is certainly one of Canada’s hidden musical gems. quote

Don Coleman - BOOM Magazine

Distractions Gets high praise from Moncton NB BOOM Magazine

Scott Jackson
(Roots Rock)
A/R Group International / Pound Hill

The album “Distractions” represents the true definition of songwriting. Expertly penned tunes written from the heart. Vocals delivered with passion, intensity and grace, perfectly paired with lyrics of universal wisdom. Scott Jackson is certainly one of Canada’s hidden musical gems. The ballad “What Are We Waiting For?” is in a class of its own rivaling, if not exceeding the intensity of Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch”. A Neil Young moment occurs like déjà vu during the track “Empty Cup” another one of the album’s highlights. This album is laden with harmony layers and choruses that take you to where you want to go and back again. The high energy lead track “c’mon c’mon” supercharges the mood with catchy hooks and a melodic kaleidoscope of brilliance and will be followed up with a worldwide video release. Scott Jackson is determined to take you on the musical ride of your life. He resides in beautiful British Columbia and performs live in the U.S. and Canada. Great highway driving tunes that also inspire under the stars by a campfire. A pleasing blend of acoustic and electric guitar with a hint of mainstream pop rock creeping in and out of the mix, with some interesting instrumentation along the way. “Distractions” takes you on a journey from a folky feel to a rootsy pop rock sound. “Walk A Line” is another winning track that rounds out this aural masterpiece. I highly recommend this album, keep an eye out for more great tunes up ahead from this phenomenal songwriter.

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